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test your website landing pages with ppc

11 Aug
Not only can you use Pay Per Click for very successful, cheap and quick online advertising campaigns, you can also take full advantage of using this platform as a valuable resource for testing the quality of your websites key landing pages. Particularly pages that you will have no doubt lots of time and money optimising for search engines.

The beauty of this approach is that it takes very little time to set up a PPC campaign (for few chosen keywords that your pages are optimised for) , set up a few different test pages with different positions of important call to actions and page layouts, then monitor the results with your analytics, heat mapping and Adwords conversion tools. You will quickly see the key elements that improve your landing page conversion rates such as on-page contact/sign up forms, calls-to-action can perform better in the top right of your page and bulleted lists help visitors to quickly scan the important content areas of your page to make a quicker, direct, next click decision that is likely to lead to a website conversion as a result.

This quick testing approach would have taken months to build up enough valuable data for new pages that were reliant on Search engine traffic, so your new optimised SEO landing pages with these changes will benefit from strong conversion results right from the very first day that the new pages go live.

This new tried and tested approach can now be rolled out to other pages within your site and further testing of pages such as:

a) Sign up forms
How many form fields should I use?
What should my submit button say to get best form submissions?

b) Home page
Is my navigation easy to use?
Can visitors find the content they are looking for?


Good points all around. Truly appreciated.
2013-08-12 17:11:26Mildred

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